Coppertones I Dream of Daisy

Daisy is our newest Chocolate lab, born February 2009.  We brought her home on April 22, 2009 at exactly 8 weeks old.

My 4th Chocolate Lab, and the third from Coppertone Kennels, she is without a doubt, the most gentle and friendly lab we have seen.  In fact, she is so quiet and gentle around people we hope to have her certified by the Delta Society so she can become a therapy dog.

Update: 7/2014 – Daisy received the highest certification for Therapy Dog, a rating of ‘Complex’.  This means she can safely go to facilities where there may be non-standarrd or unusual behaviour as well as loud outbursts and noise.

We began out visits to Signature Healthcare in Miami, then to Plantation Manor in Plantation Florida.  We have since been making visits to Cleveland Clinic Hospital in Weston on a regular basis.

Daisy loves the visits and the Patients love her!

Daisy at 8 weeks old – just brought her home





Daisy at 1.5 years old



Daisy and her (1 of 100) toys