Running –

Yes I am still running Marathons although I have had to slow down a bit.  I have a little bit of cartilage problem in one knee that causes a lot of pain from time to time.

going to run only half marathons for a while until this gets straightened out.


I have stopped running altogether due to pain in my knee.  I have switched over to long distance mountain bike rides through the Everglades.  Typical ride is about 50 miles, so it is a great workout.

Biking –

I have been biking more since i had to cut back on the running. I ride the mountain bike for 20 miles at a fast pace and then once a week go on a long ride, 65 miles so far.  That seems to be a pretty good workout.

Wakeboarding –

Well here is one of the newest little additions… there is a great ‘Cable park’ near here ( Quiet Waters Park ) and being pulled around this large man-made lake (no boat) is something you have to try.

SnowBoarding –

I March of 2011 Maria and i were in Beaver Creek Colorado (she for a conference) and i just had to learn this sport…

Fortunately I had a GREAT instructor and the first couple days went real well.  So much so, I am going back this next year with my good friend Martin Rojas of Tucson.  He has a special ‘Mexican board’ but I settled on a conventional model from Burton.  We even have the 2 Old Guys Snowboard Club, so check it out.

Electric Car