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Adobe Acrobat XI – Crashing upon attempting to Print

Each time I attempted to print from Adobe Acrobat – via “File \ Print” or “Ctrl P” my application would hang to “Not Responding”

And the only way to recover the application operational again, I would need to kill the app from Task Manager.

Despite having all the latest updates applied to the application this is the feasible workaround to fix the solution – I have both Reader and Acrobat running on my Windows 8.1 ultrabook – therefore I disabled the “Enhanced Security” feature on both


Step 1: Click on “Edit” in “Adobe Reader”

Step 2: Click on “Preferences… Or Ctrl+K

Step 3: Click on “Security (Enhanced)” in “Preferences”

Step 4: Click on “Enable Enhanced Security (to disable the check box)” in “Preferences”

Step 5: Click on “OK” in “Preferences”

Restart the Application.